Friday, 11 January 2013

Three things to do when you're bored (because I couldn't think of any more)

Everyone has experienced it. A long stretch of days where all that faces you are hours of facebook scrolling, shit film watching, and, let's face it, eating. At the moment I'm on my university christmas break, and unfortunately, I seemed to have picked the university with the longest holiday imaginable. I am quite literally left alone as all my friends gallop back to their respective institutions only a few days into January, whereas I am here until the 26th. In order to stop myself from going completely insane, I have compiled a list of things to do that will hopefully cure the vegetative state I seem to have got myself into. So, if you're bored, try one (or all) of these three things:

1. Learn a rap to a song
Yes it seems ridiculous and you probably will FEEL ridiculous having to bring up the lyrics of your chosen song on your computer and helplessly stumble along trying to keep up with the likes of Jay-Z or  Kanye. Initially, the sounds you'll make will not sound like words at all, more like you've got a mouth full of marshmallows, and sometimes you'll find yourself questioning the very structure of the 'sentence' you're trying to memorise. But, if you can get through that, and you're not found in your darkened room by your mother attempting to swear like a trooper, then honestly, I couldn't think of a better use of spare time. Think of the benefits. Whenever that song comes on at a party, or in a club, you will feel euphoric. Just think, when the opening bars play, 'THIS IS MY JAM'. Or, depending on alcohol consumption, you may just scream it out like a madman. When you can accurately and professionally rap along to a song, you WILL feel like Jesus. Trust me, being able to accurately scream every lyric to  'N***as in Paris' with accompanying hand actions in a club has personally been a life highlight.

2. eBay
I'm not sure if eBay is a curse or a blessing. Although I have managed to grab some great bargains (Holla a top for £1.50 anyone?), the bidding process is more than stressful. In the space of a micro-second you can go from winning a bid to being outbidded by some aresholes who think its fun to raise the price of an item to £10.00 (Plus postage, no thank you), on a top that would have been a great wardrobe staple. As a student trying to scavenge for a bargain on eBay, £10.00 for a top does not make me a happy bunny. Yet, when you do win a bid, it is a euphoric feeling and makes you want to scavenge for more items that you're not even sure you really need. Either way, eBay is great for a bargain and time wasting (but also potentially money wasting). Happy bidding.

3. Find the exercise channel
If you're a potato like me then finding the exercise channel could take up to a whole day if you really put your mind to it. But, if you do manage to find it, it is either a God send for those who can't be bothered to leave the house but who actually want to exercise (if such a person exists, somebody please let me know) or Hell on earth for those who try it after not exercising in months. For example, my first brush with the exercise channel involved an annoying man called Pierre telling me to squat for twenty seconds while he shouted at me through my television screen, which apparently, was meant to be motivational. Sorry Pierre, but while you were standing there doing nothing, my pyjama bottoms were on the verge of ripping while you forced me to do some insane exercises that no man or woman should ever have to endure. Having said that, it is probably best to do exercise in proper exercise gear and not straight after eating breakfast, in your dressing gown, and in full view of the neighbours as they pass by your living room window with shocked expressions on their faces. But either way, it got me moving, and in my books, that is definitely progress.

An optional fourth is to try and make a list of things to do when you're bored. Oh dear.

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