Sunday, 31 July 2011

The frustrating, somewhat destructive, and unproductive wait for exam results…

I wake up in the morning, most definitely not feeling like P Diddy, but instead with a growing dread in my stomach as I mentally count down the days until exam results. So far, there are four days to go, which to me seems like an endless barren wasteland of non – productive days, instead they are spent just sitting, waiting and hoping, and casually refreshing the facebook newsfeed every five seconds.
There seems to be no escaping the mention of exam results. As an average seventeen year old, I have found anybody at least 10 years older than you is going to ask you about how your exams went, mostly because they find it difficult to relate to young people of today and decide to opt for the easy subject of exams, a subject that is one of pain and frustration. All you can do is pull a grimace, stutter out an “eeeeeeer” and pray for the subject to pass, for fear of tempting fate if you say “Oh, I think they went okay…” only to find that the letter that pops through your door some months later proclaims you’ve failed everything and your life is over. Even when with your friends, there is always going to be one irritating little prick who’s claps his hands together with glee, smiles and says; “only 3 days to go guys!”. In response to this statement, this guy gets a cold evil stare left right and center, because really everybody knows that this annoying prick is going to get straight A’s, get a job as a Doctor or a Lawyer, go on holidays to Barbados with his wife who some what resembles Victoria Beckham and never look back.
For those of us not set on the path to becoming a Doctor or a Lawyer, one begins to question: “What the fuck do I DO with my life?!”. We’re all struggling to get to university and make our way in the world, yet, we’re all rushing to get SOMEWHERE, but once we get there, what then? It’s like walking all the way to the store, and forgetting what you came for.
And in the barren wasteland that is the days before the exam results pop through the door, many, including myself, begin to over think what our purpose in life is. I’m so bored and anxious about my future, I find myself doing “What is your life’s purpose?! quiz’s on questionable websites with adverts at the side containing blonde, overly tanned women asking me if I’m single and would I like a good time. No thanks love. Put your top back on. 
Also, while one is busy doing nothing and wondering about life’s purpose, the homework set by teachers  at school to be completed for next term sits in the corner, building and building, becoming a heavier burden that is somewhat ignored. Sorry teacher, but I’m too busy having a mid-teen crisis to care about your worksheets and shitty little textbooks. Is reading the Russian Revolution textbook going to give me my exam results? NO.
It seems all we can do is sit and wait, and distract ourselves by endlessly trawling facebook and playing QWOP. Oh and maybe occasionally moving from the bed to get food, and then retreat back to the hovel, A.K.A the bedroom, which has somewhat become a dump, the floor no longer visible. Yes mum, I’ll tidy it later. (Later meaning, never.)
In short, all together everyone: